Tips For Course

Use these suggestions to crush this course and be building awesome sites in no time.

  1. Go all the way through the course the first time following along typing in the code yourself.
  2. After the first time, then go to create your own site - any type of site it doesn't have to be the same style and structure as the One Million Lines site - and use these videos, source codes, and other learning materials provided in the lessons as guides
  3. QUANTITY over quality. What I mean by that is to not worry about creating the perfect site, with the perfect code and don't worry about messing up. Instead just focus on creating sites as fast as you can. In the process of pumping out sites you'll find yourself doing the same actions such as adding images or creating 3 columns as well as many others and they'll become second nature to you over the time. For those of you that liked the pottery story First 20 Hours is an amazing book that outlines a simple process of learning how to learn - in other words how to acquire new skills quickly. Its been amazing for me as a tool in my desire to continue learning new skills.
  4. Practice in shorts bursts. I don't recommend you going through this course in its entirety in one sitting. Instead spread out the learning with hour long sessions to keep you excited and wanting more. During those hours sessions create breaks and break up the 1-2 hours into short bursts. Use e.ggtimer to set a timer and practice in 20 minute bursts with 5 minute breaks afterwards.
  5. I can't stress this enough, but repetition, repetition, repetition. Keep creating, keep building sites and it will be second-nature in no time
  6. Code snippets will be included in lessons so you can easily copy and paste or type the code. If you ever find yourself having trouble you can compare that lesson's code snippets to your code at that time to see what is different. Many times errors come from simply forgetting a certain semi-colon (;) or carrot (<>). You'll notice this more and more over time :)
  7. If you're ever having trouble getting the code to work or look the same in your browser as it does in the lesson you can always find the zipped source code for that file at the bottom of each lesson's page. Click on the link to download, unzip the file, and you will have all the files as they should be at the end of that video.
  8. As time goes on the One Million Lines site which we build in this course has changed. You can find the site as we see it in this course here:
  9. Finally, I've compiled all added notes and commentary as well any source code we use for each lesson into one PDF for you in case you want to print it out.