Quick Review and Bonus Material

At this point in the course it's time for our first review and bonus material section.

There will be a couple of these types of lessons throughout the course in which we'll take you to other sites to do some work or reading. They are completely optional, but suggested. While this course is a complete overview of HTML and CSS in itself, we also feel that it is beneficial to get additional practice and another teaching perspective. When you hear or learn something for the first time it may not sink in or make sense for various reasons. However, if done another time or in another way it may make better sense and become further concreted in your brain.

So without further ado...

1. Take 15 minutes to watch and read this article. It's a nice, and entertaining, introduction to how the web works and will help you going forward as your learn beyond HTML and CSS.

2. Do Lessons 1-14 of Codecademy's HTML Basics Track. This experience will review everything we've gone over so far plus add some more basics to get you ahead for when we introduce them later in this course. Codecademy is an awesome supplemental tool for any course!