Getting Your Page Live With Github

Dropbox allows you to put up sites free and fast. Lets look at another option Github that has the same benefits but also gives you a more human friendly URL

1. Sign in to GitHub or create an account and sign in

You can access Github pages instructions here.

2. Create a new repository

3. Click set up in desktop. Then download and install GitHub for your computer

4. Open Github and click on your username to the right.

5. Find your username and then click on “Clone to Computer”

Clone the repository to where you want. I chose to clone it to my desktop for easy access.

6. Click on the arrow to open the directory in GitHub

At this point it should say “master” and “no commits”

7. Copy all your files and folders from your “first-site” folder and paste them in your “” folder

At this point you should see a bunch of changes to be committed when you switch back over to your GitHub app

8. Put in a summary and then click the “commit & sync” button in your GitHub app

9. Submitting Your Site

Comment below with the address of your site. Browse sites submitted by other educators and give them feedback.

Lesson Notes

  • If you continue to work in your “” folder each time you make a change in sublime you will see the uncommited changes in your GitHub app for that site. The changes won’t show on your actual site until you commit & sync the changes.